Just a Cake Decorator – the Dangers of the Word “Just”

How many times a day do we minimize what we do or who we are? The English major in me wants to speak to you about the word we need to avoid whenever possible…the word “just”. In this sense, just is an adverb. If you look in the dictionary, you will find that it means “only” or “simply”. It becomes a word to take away the power of what it modifies.

It is almost as if the decorators are saying that they are not good enough, that they are impostors. Why? Why do we feel this need to beat ourselves up? Shouldn’t we start celebrating who we are and how far we’ve come? If we use a minimizing word like just, our customers will treat us in a minimal fashion. They take their cues from us.

Can’t each of the following statements be better without the word just? I am just a home decorator. I am just a beginning decorator. I am just a bakery owner. Well of course they are better without the just!

The next time you tell people what you do, put it in positive terms and see the difference in the reactions you will get. I am a sugar artist. I run a custom bakery. I am new to the world of sugarcraft.


5 thoughts on “Just a Cake Decorator – the Dangers of the Word “Just”

  1. You are addictive as the soap operas, I can’t wait until the next day to see the next episode! In your case, I can’t wait to read the next article. You are so inspiring. I’m hooked!

  2. I do enjoy reading informative and enjoyable pieces of writing. I have to say, I mostly only read for information and I thought you did a lovely job on stressing how important simplicity is. I sometimes watch the “create” channel remembering what a watercolor artist said……….”keep it simple”. It is much harder to do, than it is to say. The next time I draw up a new design, I will think about your wise words.
    Thank you Ruth!

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