Crooked Brook Chef Coat Giveaway 2 Winner and picture of Winner 1!!

First of all, I have to apologize for this drawing being a few days late.  I went to Spain with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for the Madrid Marathon and to demo at the Spanish cake show, ExpoTarta.  Jet lag took its toll yesterday, so here I am catching up.  Just like last time,  I took the entries received from entering a comment on my second giveaway and put those names in a bowl.  You only go in the bowl if you comment on that particular giveaway.  Here we go for the Crooked Brook Chef Coat!

And the winner is…

Kimberly Douglas!!  How exciting!  I actually met her 2 years ago at Mike Elder’s KC CakeFest when she attended my demonstration.   I will be sending an email to her shortly with instructions on how to have the coat mailed to her.  Thank you to all who commented on the second giveaway.  Don’t forget to check in each week to see what the next prize is!

I thought some of you might like to hear from the winner of the first coat!  Kim wrote to tell me that she opened my email on her phone in the car with her husband driving.  She screamed so loud, he thought something went wrong and she got in trouble like one of the kids!!  Too funny.  She got her coat and, it looks like it was made for her!!  Really!  Check out this photo of her in the coat.  I think she looks just beautiful.


One thought on “Crooked Brook Chef Coat Giveaway 2 Winner and picture of Winner 1!!

  1. I’M SO EXCITED, I can’t be live it! I can’t wait to try it on & actually have a chef coat that fits my body right! Thank you Ruth, not only for the opportunity to win but for the great advise you give, & for being such a great teacher!

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