Crooked Brook Apron Giveaway 1 Winner!!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!  It is time to draw the winner for the first Apron giveaway!!  Just like last time,  I took the entries received from entering a comment on my apron giveaway and put those names in a bowl.  You only go in the bowl if you comment on that particular giveaway.  Here we go for the Crooked Brook Apron!

And the winner is…

Yunita Mowry!  Bless her heart, she kept commenting on the facebook notifications of the blogs instead of here on the blog itself.  She finally figured it out and entered the last couple.  I am so excited that her name popped out of the bowl when I drew a name.   I will be sending an email to her shortly with instructions on how to have the coat mailed to her.  Thank you to all who commented on the apron giveaway.  Don’t forget to check in each week to see what the next prize is!


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