The Overnight Success


The other night at dinner, I was waiting in line for the restroom behind a cute little girl. She turned to look at me and said “I’ve been four my whole life…since I was born. Forever. But I will be five on my next birthday.”. At first, I was just amused at her perspective. Suddenly I realized that this is a great statement on how we think of our lives.

So often, I hear decorators say that they have been slaving away forever and not getting anywhere. I started to think about it and realized that most of them have only been in business a few years. I think this is what makes us so American. We want success RIGHT NOW. We are all about instant gratification. What we forget is that without the journey to success, we would miss out on the life and business experiences that help us be ready to handle that success.

A lot of us don’t even know what we don’t know yet. We are so ready to WIN, that we don’t ask ourselves if we are even equipped for that stage of life. We have all seen the young actors who gain fame quickly, only to be so unprepared that their lives turn into train wrecks. Why can’t we accept that the things worth having in this life usually take time? Sometimes we perceive others as having a quick rise to the top, but we miss the years they toiled learning their craft, learning the bakery business, learning to network, and building a base to support this “sudden” rise to the top.

If you google “ten year overnight success”, you will find numerous examples to show that very often, it does take about ten years to become successful. If you really start to think about it, you will realize that the people who seem to have it all in our cake world right now, having been slaving away for years. It takes time and dedication to build a career.

It only feels like forever. But, hey, next year you will be five, right?!


10 thoughts on “The Overnight Success

  1. Very good article. Sometimes we forget we have to “crawl before we walk”, just like babies do to get to the next step

  2. Oh how we see that even in our businesses…people walk in and see our store (Which we think is tiny and they want it now…) It is just a supplement for us, a tinker toy for retirement…something that we have built for over three years as two…they think they are going home and will have better within a month…Rude awakening happens… šŸ˜¦ then we are back to square one with them as consultants… sometimes it takes reality biting them in the buttocks like a dog to remind them… Love your blogs btw…

  3. I love your blog! It is a welcome affirmation to a lot of thoughts I have been having while running my own business. I am a papered baker in Canada and have been in the business for about 10 years. 2 years ago we moved and I opened a B&B and custom cake business. Because I am new to the area and my business is new everyone assumes that I am new to cakes and baking and wants to know how I have made a success to soon. But they don’t realize the time it has taken to work on the craft and all the energy put into my dream before it was even a reality.
    I can’t wait to take more classes from you at Cake Love!

  4. So true, Ruth! Our society seems to forget that good old fashioned hard work, diligence and perseverence… along with a few mistakes… is how we get to the top of the mountain! Quitters never win. Thanks for the wisdom, and the encouragement. You rock!

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