Crooked Brook Chef Coat Giveaway 7, Polo Shirt 2 and T Shirt 2 Winners Announced

Happy Friday!  I got to draw for three more giveaways today!  I love pulling the names out of the bowl to see who will get a great surprise!  I went through all the comments on each of the three giveaways and put your name in a bowl.  I labeled my bowls so I didn’t get confused as to who was entering which contest!  I drew the names and am happy to announce that the winners are…..

Cheryl Flud for the Chef Coat 7….Stacey Fruchey for the Polo Shirt 2……Jean Price for the T Shirt 2 giveaways.  Hopefully, we just made three people’s day!!  Thank you again to Crooked Brook for these incredibly generous giveaways.   I will be sending an email to each winner shortly with instructions on how to have the items mailed to them.  Thank you to all who commented on these posts.  Don’t forget to check in each week to see what the next prize is!

By the way, thank you for reading my blog and for all the compliments you have given me.  I truly want this to be helpful to each of you.



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