Crooked Brook Prize Patrol – New Winners Announced

Happy Thursday!  I am excited to announce the winners on 3 giveaways today.  I have been on the road so much lately and my internet capabilities suffer when I am out of the country.  I am finally catching my breath and getting back on my blog duties!  Don’t give up on me…I am always planning blogs even when they don’t go up.

Now for the winners:

Robyn Stokes for the T Shirt 6…. Darlene Celso for the Chef Coat 11…… and Ramona Flowers for Embroidered Jacket 1 giveaways.  I love the days when I get to tell people they won something!   Thank you again to Crooked Brook for these incredibly generous giveaways.   I will be sending an email to each winner shortly with instructions on how to have the items mailed to them.  Thank you to all who commented on these posts.  Don’t forget to check in each week to see what the next prize is!




One thought on “Crooked Brook Prize Patrol – New Winners Announced

  1. Hi I am Darlene Celso. Thank you so much for the Chef’sCoat. I will wait for your email with instructions.

    Thanks Again, Darlene Celso

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