Pot Calling Kettle

I love following everyone’s posts on Facebook. I have noticed something since I wrote my blog on why teachers cancel classes and since the one on stealing photos. Do I mention it? Yep, I think I have to!

How many of you have written a post complaining about a last minute cake request? We love to lament how ridiculous these customers are. We complain that they need to learn to plan ahead. We laugh and turn them away for waiting until the last minute.

But what do we, as decorators, do when it is time for classes? We sign up at the last minute. The same thing happens at Days of Sharing. Recently, the Houston group had 25 people pre registered about two weeks before the event. They ended up with 209 at their DOS. Pot calling kettle black for sure! We know these classes, cake shows and sharing events are coming up. Why can’t we plan earlier? Why do the bulk of registrations come in the last week? What do we have to do to break this habit?

I know a lot of you say that you have to see if orders will come in. You need to decide if you are going. you really just need to decide whether you want to go or not. If so, just block that date or plan ahead for the event. Take fewer or no orders. Make a commitment more than two weeks before the event.

The cake shows have to plan far in advance on spacing and need to know if you are coming. The teachers have to get supplies ready for you. The DOS is often trying to plan meals. You owe them the same respect that you demand from your customers.

I continue to see angry posts when someone “steals” your class, your photo, your design. No one should use that without your permission! So, how do you think Disney feels about you using their images? Or sports teams about their logos? Or anyone holding a copyright on their image/design. Aren’t you doing exactly what you accuse the decorators of doing? Just because they are a large corporation, does it make it less of a theft of copyright? That is what your customer wants, you say… But does that make it right? Isn’t that what the decorator who “stole” your design said to you – that her customer wanted that design? The next time you start to violate a copyright law, I want you to think about how you would feel if that design was yours and I was about to copy it. Put yourself in the image owner’s shoes and see if you make a different decision on doing famous characters on your cakes.

Let’s take a good look at ourselves and see if we are throwing rocks at people in glass houses. Are you guilty?


6 thoughts on “Pot Calling Kettle

  1. I don’t understand why people wait till last minute to register. I think and don’t want to generalized that people over here wait till last minute because they think something better will come up. I think it’s rude, doesn’t matter what kind off occasion it is you commit. I remember that when we lived in MA if I had a party and send invitation 2 weeks ahead 9 of the 10 people would come. Back home I could forget that because everybody calendar would be full. In my home country everybody has a really busy social calendar. And if your not coming make a decision a stick to it.

  2. Hey Ruth, as usual, you hit it right on the head! I am the one who receives the DOS registrations in our state and people almost always wait until the last minute to sign up. it’s very difficult to plan the meals if they don’t let us know they are coming. thanks for saying things that we all wish we could say to the offenders! LOL

  3. I totally agree with Susan, as I had the same problem the last time we had our DoS here in UT. I wish this could be posted everywhere for everyone to see, as a lot of people don’t READ!!!!! Yes, they don’t read & they’ll always ask obvious questions, with all the info on the flyers that are passed out, e-mailed & posted on FB page. It is very frustrating….& what do we do when people come at the last minute? Thanks for the post, Ruth.

  4. That happens all the time. The show in my town would be a really big success if people would just commit! When they sign up to compete in a show do they wait til the last moment to do a show piece? NO. They spend several weeks on it. Well then sign up early too! It is very hard to pull off a show. It is very frustrating to only have a small amount of cakes signed up & then get flooded the day of the show because people want to sign up the day of. SIgn up early! That sure makes a show go smoother! And it is way cheapier to do early bird sign ups then pay the day of the show or DOS. I’m with Ruth all the way on this one!

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