Day 7 of the 12 Days of Giveaways: Dusting Collection 1

Happy Tuesday my friends and welcome to the 7th day of 12 Days of Giveaways!!  Crooked Brook has been incredibly generous giving away their products, but I thought it was time to supplement with a few of my other favorite things.  Most of you know by now that I teach a series of Dusting classes.  I think there are lots of great flower teachers out there, but most do not have time in class to really share the art of dusting.  As I started to teach classes on dusting (and on painting), my students would always ask what colors they should buy.  They wanted to take home the class set of colors.

I worked with The Sugar Art ( to create the Beginning Dusting Kit.  I now call it my Dusting Collection 1.  It has the 25 perfect colors that let you start almost any project.  I’ve had numerous people say that when they open their dusting drawer to pull out colors, 9 times out of 10 the first color they grab is from this collection.  I believe in the value of this collection.  I sell it on my web site ( for $80.  Lately, these dusts have been retailing for about $4 per jar, making this a $100 value.  I have always considered it an investment.  The colors last an incredibly long time, so this may take you through several years of decorating.  When you look at it that way, it seems even more like a great deal!

Here are the pretty colors in the set:

dusting collection 1

But seriously, that photo doesn’t even begin to do them justice.  Here’s another shot with them grouped into color ranges.


I am going to give one of these sets to one of my lucky readers.  To enter, comment on this post and tell me what subject you would like me to blog about next!  You have to give me a subject, or you won’t be entered!

Terms & Conditions:

You must be 18 years or older to enter. Contest ends midnight (Eastern Standard Time)  12/18/12.  Winner will be chosen by SugarZen and contacted by email. Winner will have 48 hours to reply or a new winner will be chosen. Ruth Rickey will ship the prize to the winner within 30 days of contest end.  US recipients only residing in one of the 48 contiguous states.


97 thoughts on “Day 7 of the 12 Days of Giveaways: Dusting Collection 1

  1. Please talk about ingredients! With the Internet at my fingertips the scope ofsugarcrafting ingredients is totally mind boggling. What has, and what hasn’t, worked for you. Where should I put my money?

  2. Hi Ruth! Thank you for all your wonderful posts. I would really love it if you could write a future post on advice for cake decorating hobbyists who want to learn more techniques but can’t afford to buy a bunch of supplies and materials because we don’t have bakeries or similar shops. Thank you!

  3. Ever since seeing you in Houston, I look forward to all your information. I think I would like to hear more about what newbies (like me) should focus more on (business v. art) Unfortunately I work multiple jobs but cake is the one I want to be in. Unfortunately, until cake can pay for itself I must keep working multiple jobs. When is it the right time to move forward or when is it just a dream?

  4. What a great collection Ruth! I would love a post for the cake hobbyist like me, on a tight budget but eager to learn more. Perhaps a post on what recommendations you might have for taking a class at the local college. Would it be general art, painting, sculpting? Thanks and I look forward to your next post!

  5. Topic for blog: “How To Organize All Your Decorating Stuff.” Meaning all the equipment and items (especially small stuff) used to decorate. We just moved and it’s been a real problem getting unpacked and locating things. I would like to set up a system that works well. Right now I have shelves, drawer sets and cabinets and usually go through each drawer, shelve and cabinet until I locate whatever I’m looking for. What type of system do you use? To comment on the post watched your CakeFu interview and you had your dusting starter kit there. It’s a must have and I like the colors that are bases and can be mixed with others in the kit to achieve another hue/variation.

  6. I love reading comparisons and reviews of different brands such as fondant, gumpaste, colors, various tools, even where to get the best deals. I also enjoy reading personal stories of cake disasters and such and what you did to pull them off. (Okay maybe I’ve had too many disasters and I need confirmation that it happens to everyone!) Thanks for all you do!! 🙂

  7. Love working with your colors. The palate is creative and imaginative. A very useful mixture of colors. They are also easy to open, which can’t be said about all brands. I read and appreciate all your blogs. The only thing I can think of as a topic you have touched on in prior blogs. My farrier told me a story about picking up a cake he had ordered from a local bakery for his wif’e’s birthday. Trusting the bakery’s reputation he did not look at the cake and took it to the restaurant where he had scheduled a party. After dinner the waiter brought the cake out to present to his wife. He described it to me as an unprofessional deccorating job. He paid over $100.00 for the cake which was buttercream
    icing with pink roses. He was totally embarrassed, he said it was really bad. I asked him if he had gone back to the bakery the cake came from to discuss his unhappiness and he said no. He didn’t know what to do. My thought would be never, never let a customer leave with a product they haven’t seen. Sorry for the long explanation. You know how wordy I can be.

  8. I’d love to see you do a blog on the most important techniques that a hobby baker should learn when using these dusts. How to mix for different colors, how to get the most out of the basic colors, and the best way to get the colors to really make your creation stand out.

  9. My vote for your next post would be, “Unconventional tips & tricks of the trade”. This could range from your “out of the box” ways of doing something to – fun & different ways to use non-cake related items, in the sugar world!

  10. I wanna win!! I would love to see a blog on ” how to fight fair with local competitors.. there are ten bakeries around me and only three are willing to share ideas and equipment, molds and cookie cutters and more…. the ones I work with have saved me a lot of time and money by letting me borrow their toys and vice versa!”

  11. Please blog on ways to get the most out of the classroom experience, i.e. taking notes, pics if allowed. etc. Also, please post about the least exspensive, but most effective ways to get your name out as a local business.

  12. I’d love a blog about cake design and how to balance out elements as well as proportions. How much can you pull from others designers cakes IYO while still maintaining personal ethics as well as what independent means (i.e. books, videos etc) might be valuable in boosting skills in designing.

  13. Please enter me for the beautiful collection of dusts i could really use them!! I find your blogs so fun to read, as my topic I would like to suggest what events do you recommend? events vs shows ? i am an enthusiast and a member of ICES but can not afford to go to every local day of sharing or especially to travel to other states or else i would take your classes all over the country! If i can save up to go to just a few ( i know a lot of us are on a tight budget, especially during and after the holidays ) Which events are the best? most interesting? best value for their money? Better for professionals or beginners? has the most classes?
    maybe a top ten list… I would love it if there was one website that listed all cake events by month also so i could plan vacation time far in advance, does one exist??
    Thanks a lot!

    • My newsletter lists all the shows in the US and some outside the US that I know of. Sign up for it and you will have the full list. My next newsletter will come out later this week.

      By the way, I am LOVING these topics! I may be writing for the rest of my life!

  14. “How to make it right, when things go wrong.” Sometimes projects don’t always go according to plan. What to do if the cake gets dropped by the delivery crew, or knocked over by a caterer after my crew has left the building? What if I got a bad batch of eggs, and all of the guests get food poisoning?

  15. “How to handle the client that cannot stick to a decision.” Have you ever had a clients who ordered a cake, then called the next day to change the order, then called again, and again, and again? How do you handle these types of clients?

  16. Ruth your colors are to die for. What about a blog on the must have gadgets. I already have a lot of stuff but people starting out don’t know what to buy. And if you really need it. Thanks

  17. love the dusts! I would like to see an article about what judges look for at competitions, and what they expect at certain levels (ie, beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional.)

  18. I too would love to win the dust collection! I would like to see you cover something along the lines of “getting the most from what you have” – tools, cutters , etc that do double duty or with a quick cut or adjustment we can use cutters to do other flowers. Starting out with cutters and veiners is so expensive and we all know we want all the “toys” out there but have to get the most for our money too. Thanks! And I have referred back to my notes so many times from your appearance at the Houston DOS!

  19. Love your blog and dusts! How about an article about cake clubs/similar group- ideas on organizing, sharing, motivating each other for those not near cake shows or who can’t afford to go. Thanks

  20. These colors are great. I would like to know how to handle working for or with a family member and do you give your business to your kids after retirement or you sell it to them?

  21. The dusts look great. Can you blog on marketing for the beginner cake artists and trying to get the more experience cake artists as mentors.

  22. I would love these dusts in my collection! how about blogging on difficult customers….. the ones that “love your work” but always try to barter and whine about your prices, but yet they keep coming back each year! UGH!! thanks! 🙂

  23. Advertising and promotion – what works and what doesn’t work? Ads in local papers? Coupons? Groupons? Facebook ads? Would love to know your experiences and advice.

  24. Love those colors! And I would love to hear your further advise on staying above the fray when there is another bakery/decorator whose focus seems to be on hurting your business rather than building up their own. How have you handled the fallout from the actions of peers who are less ‘sweet’ than others? 🙂

  25. Those dusts are amazing! How about an article emphasizing how important it is to volunteer for any of the chores it takes to stage a DOS or cake show or run an organization like ICES – convention, Board of Directors, or on a state level? Thanks for all your hard work.

  26. What a fantastic prize! – Like Millie I would like to see a post how the hobby baker can keep all of our decoratoring items organized without the benefit of a commercial kitchen. thanks!

  27. Are you kidding me…. what an amazing give away…. I will have hit the jackpot if I were to be the winner of this draw!!! LOVE your dusts! You are beyond generous with your give aways! 🙂

  28. Would absolutely love, love, love this collection! Being new to fondant and gum paste I would love to see a blog on what the correct way is to blend dusts as they go on. What color to start with, what direction to brush the colors, when to use petal dust vs. luster dust vs. disco dust. I love working with fondant and gum paste and my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.

  29. of course everyone comments on this one!!…lol…I would like to read a blog on how to become a traveling teacher. I would love to do this someday. Thanks 🙂

  30. A good blog would be…. I would love for you to explain to everyone how judges judge cakes in cake shows. From the biggest of big to the smallest of small cake shows. You always encourage people to enter contests which is great! Keep up the good work my friend~

  31. Please enter me in the dusting color contest. I would really love to have these in my collection. I would love to see a blog about going from being a hobby baker to starting a business and what main things go into setting it up. Thanks again Ruth!!

  32. Topic. What are the must haves for a hobbyist starting out. then discribe what they should get for the next step and then the next step. What can’t you imagine being without.

  33. I would dearly love to win these dusts, that said, I think a blog about how to decide what medium ( ie gumpaste, platinum paste, Mexican paste, fondant or modeling chocolate) to use, would be great.

  34. Love your colors…saw them in Vancouver when we did the shoe! I want to make a steampunk gingerbread house, but was told to use chocolate instead of gumpaste for gears. Don’t quite know what to do. Make a silicone mold? When is chocolate a more appropriate medium?

  35. What beautiful colors! I would love for you to talk about some of the challenges you faced when you decided to do cakes for a living…breaking into a market, balancing running a business vs doing your business, and developing your clientele. I have been in a “brick-and-mortar” for a year now, which has definitely given me more visibility, but I have so many more expenses as well. My biggest challenge is finding a way to combat losing business to a competitor who’s work is not to the same standard, but who’s prices are always less. I know that the reason mine is more expensive is because of not just the ingredients but also the labor involved. But the customer, in many cases, just sees the price tag. I wish that all the cake shows would show the prices associated with the cake that the viewer is “wowed” with. Okay…now I am rambling. Yes, I would like for you to blog on the challanges of your start in the business and your courtship with your new customer base.

  36. Ruth-You are right colors this size last for years so $80,rather than $100 is a great bargain and excellent investment in tools to have, especially for use at the last minute in the middle of the nite when the cake supply store is closed and you need just the right color NOW!

    Subject for blog: old style buttercream and royal icing. Is it a dying art? what action can we take to preserve our history of cake decorating so it does not become a lost form.of art.

  37. I would love to win this set of colors! I would also love for you discuss how to build the colors when dusting to get the best effects! Love your blog, thank you for taking time to share with us!

  38. Love the colors, too, Ruth. My topic would be how to keep other decorators from coveting what another decorator does/has when she’s built up her business for many years and how do you prevent the jealousy?

  39. Love your blog! I’d really like to see a post on customer service. Some of what I’ve read from cake decorators on forums and on facebook is absolutely appalling.

  40. Love the colors! Subject: Clarify safety of various dusts. Luster, sparkle, disco, highligter, non-toxic vs food safe. All so confusing!

  41. I’d VERY much like to know how to find out about classes, cake shows and events: who, what, where, when. I often “trip over” the info when it’s too late to participate. And, of course, I’d love the dusting color set, but if someone else wins please do address this.

  42. These colors would be just wonderful to have. Sad to say didn’t even realize that you had them. Love that they have the screw on lids!. As for blog post idea….how to find other decorators that are willing to do things….go to classes, contests etc. I seem to be isolated from anyother decorators willing to do these things. Member of ICES but that does not seem to help since closest meetings are over 3 hours or more away.

  43. Wow, I shouldn’t have read all the comments before posting mine–looks like you’ll be busy for a long while. Looking for a blog about coloring/dusting foliage–or cake ideas for men–or neutral cakes that work for anyone–or quick cakes that look like they took lots of time. Lots of times I need a cake for someone when I don’t have a lot of time to prep–especially men.
    Love your blog!!

  44. Back-to-basics: Where should someone start who has NEVER tried cake decorating, what should you buy/shouldn’t you waste your money on until much later ect.

  45. I have several subjects that I think you would do justice to, overcoming adversity, latest trending ideas. Green ideas for 2013!

  46. As always, love colors in any form. How about the importance of piping in the cake decorating world? It seems to be a dying art and yet is fundamental to our craft. How sad that people can spend hours or days on amazing flowers and figures for a cake and yet not know how to write “Happy Birthday” neatly or finish with a simple bottom boarder.

    • You’re right Mary Jo, I too believe that piping and writing, etc. are becoming a lost art. Many of these decorators who do excellent work in other areas such as flowers and fondant, etc. sometimes seem to lack even being able to pipe a neat border.

      Carolyn Lawrence

  47. I am overcome with lusting for the dusting colors!! How about a blog for the myriad of uses for the dusting colors? I hear of a new one every day and it would be nice to see a compendium for reference.

  48. Would love to see something about the animosity that storefront bakers have towards us cottage bakers. I know rules vary by state but we don’t make the rules we just abide by them. I have had to bite my tongue far to many times at snipes by those I considered friends Could use some comebacks that would make them think before they speak.

  49. I recently attended a class where a student “corrected” the instructor and then continued to argue her point after the instructor basically said, “This is how I do it. Do it your way if it makes you more comfortable.” The student continued to talk about the issue to another student and the instructor was clearly perturbed (in my opinion, justifiably). I’d like to see your thoughts about this, as well as how you have/would handle such a situation.

  50. Hey Ruth! I was going to request another post about certification, maybe highlighting changes that have been made since you took the test and how those changes may affect how we take the test. But I saw other people suggesting “how to organize supplies” or “advertising do’s and don’ts” and I like those ideas too! 🙂

  51. I would LOVE to win the powders! I see many have already suggested my thought of more piping and old style techniques such as Lambeth or different styles of writing. It seems most everyone uses fondant for everything now. I would also be interested in learning more about figure sculpting or working with Isomalt.

  52. I’ve been meaning to write about this myself, however I think the etiquette of cake tastings would be a great subject. Not only from the bakers stand point, but for the public too. I’ve heard of some crazy ones. Touching base on: how may people should come to the tasting (seriously if 12 people are showing up…the groom’s half uncle, who’s an usher really doesn’t need to be there.) Bakers trash talking other bakeries isn’t a professional choice. I even heard of one tasting that had the bridemaid raiding the frig, and family members fighting. Awkward. A guide as to what should be explained, offered, and expected. Luckily I haven’t had anything too crazy, expect bride’s bridges falling out, and a man playing the accordion.

  53. I need to pipe in on another one…no pun intended. In recent light of the terrible accidents to some very well respected cake decorators across the country, as well as my own….saftey when working with equipment. Loose towels, clothing, jewelery, cleaning equipment while plugged in, putting spatulas in the bowl while mixers are running, etc. Going to fast, or being too tired and simple cutting corners. How they can change your life in an instant.

  54. I would love to see a blog with a step by step (pics included) on how to do buttercream frosting. I have to admit, I still have major issues with that. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never get it right. 😦

  55. This is probably the elementary topic for some, but how to cover those circle boards. There must but a way to make it look better or better product to use to cover than foil wrap.

  56. So many pretty colors!! I’d love to see an article about ‘out of the box’ items used in decorating. For instance, a long threaded metal ‘bolt’ to simulate pages on a book. Or the plastic fluorescent light covers for basket weave texture…

  57. My dust drawer is a jumble of colors scattered across the palette. Too many shades of blues and greens, but at a loss for the warm colors. I wish I had been more methodical when I started purchasing my dusts – building a base set and working out from there. I certainly like the notion of your Beginning Dusting Kit!

    I’d love for you share what you consider the most critical, bottom-line skill sets a sugar artist should have. Where and how were you able to develop yours? Just like my dust drawer. I”m a jumble — know a little about a lot, but don’t seem to be really good at any one thing. (I’m a mess, but lov’n what I do.)

  58. Ruth you are for sure an awesome person! Thanks for all the info in each blog post and for all the give aways!
    I would love to see a blog on “Cake Business Etiquette”. I recently found out that a bride in my town that was getting married wanted to order her grooms cake from me but another baker actually called her mom on the phone asking if she could bake it! The mom being the sweet person that she is told her she could do it. Never in a million years would I call someone and ask them if I could bake their cake because if you take pride in your work and do great work they will come to you.

  59. Ruth… I would love to see a blog on dealing with a dissatisfied bride. I would feel like I ruined her big day if she was unhappy with her cake. How can you ever make that up to someone? But, then again, if the cake was made to her specifications and her guests ate it, should she be offered a partial refund or perhaps a free cake for another occasion?

  60. Hi There, I am truly enjoying your blog and I appreciate so much that you tackle some of the tricky subjects. I would love to see something about inspiration- what inspires you, do you go in search of it specifically or do you just have a serendipitous moment when an idea zings you?
    Sweet Thoughts,

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