And the Nominees Are…..

I have been a member of ICES, the International Cake Exploration Societe ( for quite some time.  One of my favorite times at convention is when they announce the winners of the ICES Hall of Fame awards.  They always try to be sneaky and start reading accolades about the person…who has NO IDEA that they have been nominated or selected.  I always try to figure out who the lucky person is before they actually say the name.

One year, I was asked to film a friend who was receiving the Wilbur Brand Award (another subject I will tackle soon).  As I got into position to film her surprise, I was listening to them talk about the person receiving Hall of Fame.  Oh my goodness, it was Earlene Moore and she was sitting at the same table I had just gotten into position to film.  I started the video and was blessed to capture the curiousity, then astonishment, then humbleness of the amazing Earlene Moore as she received the deserved award.  I was able to post this video on my Facebook page.

January 15, 2013 is the deadline for nominating people for the ICES Hall of Fame.  You do not have to be an ICES member to be selected to the Hall of Fame (HOF), but you DO have to be an ICES member to nominate someone.  The form is available at  I looked over the list of who has received the award and saw some names missing that I believe are worthy.  (You can find the list by clicking on the 2012 HOF winners link on the ICES page.)  I am submitting two names for HOF this year.  I am not going to tell you who these people are, because I would love for them to be surprised if they were selected.

HOF is an amazing way to recognize the contributions that people have made to the sugar arts industry in general and to ICES in particular.  So think it over…who was the first person to inspire you to do cakes?  What books did you grow up on as a decorator?  Who introduced you to new materials or techniques or helped you to stretch your limits?  If you were to pick someone for folks just starting out to look up to, who would that be?  While the people don’t have to be famous, they should probably be pretty well known and widely respected in our industry.  I’ve never served on the committee to choose the honorees, so I cannot give you insight on that.  I have written letters of support for people in the past and they were selected, but sometimes people don’t get it the first year they are nominated.

What? It isn’t “one and done?”  Yes!  Your nomination keeps that name “in play” for three years!!  Don’t fret if your person doesn’t make it the first year…some years there are a lot of names submitted and they simply cannot pick everyone…even if they all deserve it.  Sometimes, I think people need time to get to know more about your nominee…especially if they are not an ICES member.

Please join me in submitting a nomination for this prestigious honor this year.  I hope you’ll help me make the convention sweet for years to come for deserving artists.


4 thoughts on “And the Nominees Are…..

  1. I’m a bit sad to see only two responses to this thread. This is the highest honor our organization can bestow on somebody, and it’s important for our ICES members to understand that they can (and should) be nominating people for the Hall of Fame, and I thank you for devoting some of your blog space to this topic.

    Also, I want to point out that this is not a popularity contest, but it is important to have letters of support for the person being nominated, or multiple people nominating him/her. Do a bit of research, and give the nominations committee as much information as you can find. Some of the board members are pretty new to ICES and may not know that “Iris Icing” has contributed to many days of sharing, or used to write for the newsletter, or that “Iris” was the first one to show a technique at convention (or a DOS). All that information is considered in the decision making process.

    BTW, one of the major reasons a person doesn’t have to be an ICES member in order to receive this award is that this one (unlike Wilbur Brand) can be awarded posthumously, but I believe everybody who has received this award has been an ICES member.

    • I agree Rhoda! This is such a high honor. I know that there are deserving people out there and I want to give us a kick in the pants to recognize those who paved the way or greatly influenced this art form that has become a career and passion for so many of us!

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