Day 8 of the 12 Days of Giveaways: Luster Collection

Happy Wednesday!   Welcome to the 8th day of 12 Days of Giveaways!!  Boy did I open the floodgates with my last giveaway!  It was exciting to know that so many of you are actually out there reading my blogs and are willing to assist me in writing future articles.  This has felt like a calling for me and I am blessed to share any knowledge I have with all of you.

I thought today would be a great day to give away my Luster Collection.  As before, I worked with The Sugar Art ( to create this Kit.  I got all of their Sterling Pearl Luster colors and picked out the ones that I thought everyone HAD to have in their personal collection.  Even better, I made sure that these 10 colors are the perfect luster finish to compliment my Dusting Collection 1.  I layer the luster dusts just like I do my petal dusts and achieve remarkable results.  I sell it on my web site ( for $33.  Lately, these dusts have been retailing for about $4-5 per jar, making this a $40-50 value.  I have also dry dusted paintings with these lusters and created edible liquid paints with them.  I love a versatile product!!

Here are the pretty colors in the set:

luster collection

You cannot tell in the photo, but there are two shades of rich pinks, two greens, two purples, a blue, a yellow, an orange and a super pearl.  Seriously, everything you need to accent your flowers and paintings!

I am going to give one of these sets to one of my lucky readers.  In the last giveaway, I asked for subjects to tackle.  I discovered that many of the ones people asked me to write…I had already written!!  I know it is hard to go back and search through the subjects, but hope that someday you will take the time.  Don’t worry, I will put fresh words to the subjects and will get to as many as I can as quickly as I can!

To enter today’s contest, comment on this post and tell me what cake class you “lust” to take (teacher, class and anything else you want to share)!  You have to submit your dream class, or you won’t be entered!

Terms & Conditions:

You must be 18 years or older to enter. Contest ends midnight (Eastern Standard Time)  12/19/12.  Winner will be chosen by SugarZen and contacted by email. Winner will have 48 hours to reply or a new winner will be chosen. Ruth Rickey will ship the prize to the winner within 30 days of contest end.  US recipients only residing in one of the 48 contiguous states.


100 thoughts on “Day 8 of the 12 Days of Giveaways: Luster Collection

  1. Whose that guy from Hawaii?? His name escapes me, but he foes a clownfish class… and he won a spongebob tv challenge a while ago… that’s the guy I want to take a class from; that is, if one of your classes is available too, it would be a coin toss!!

      • ARGH… I thought it was lava something but I couldn’t remember it!! By mid-february I hope to be knee deep in the new shop, so I’m sure I won’t get out there… =( But I’m always watching out for classes coming to the PA Mother of cakes academy!

  2. I am ‘lusting’ to take a class on sugar flowers for beginners (proper veining, using floral wire, how to display in/on a cake, etc.). I’ve been scared to try most classes because they seem to be geared towards individuals who have some experience making flowers.

  3. Thanks again Ruth for this amazing give away. The classes I would really love to yet learn are…. lambeth techniques, and creating flowers out of chocolate. I so want to learn both of these classes.

  4. In the last couple of years, I’ve taken a number of classes – all SUPER amazing and all different tips, tricks and techniques that I’ve found useful in my business. However, the one class that I would LUST to take, should I get the opportunity (both in time and $) is gumpaste flower classes with Ron Ben Israel. I’ve done flower classes with great instructors, but there’s just something about Ron’s sugar flowers – the colours and their life-like appearances – that I’ve just never seen before. Not to mention, I’m sure his personality would light up the room like his flowers 🙂 That would be my #1 class to invest in next should i get the opportunity 🙂 Keep up the amazing work on the blog – such an inspiration xo

  5. Hi Ruth…the class I would like to take is a class based on a cakes foundation. How to build measure and create a tier cake. I want to learn everything there is to know about building a flawless cake. Maybe something called cake engineering!

  6. Design and composition: what things look good together, what color palates work well, how to decide what flowers or bouquets should go on a cake, what boarder might compliment the entire cake and how much embellishing is necessarily. It would also be nice to have some insight to how to design to a price tag.

  7. My Dream Class would be a week long class where I could get lost in creativity. Learning new and lost techniques. To include Flowers, pulled sugar work, creating Characters in Fondant and Chocolate. Creating flowers and dusting them to perfection. Baking, frosting. Moving cakes… everything I can absorb.

  8. I lust DEBBIE GOARD!!! 🙂 I really really really want to take a class from her!! That food and those dogs….W.O.W.!!! I love your lust ‘er’ Ruth!! I’d be honoured if I won it!! Looking forward to the next time we all meet again!! CAKE CAMP CAKE CAMP!!!

  9. I am lusting to take a raninculus flower class! I’m sure that OS not the proper spelling, but you know what I mean! We’ve discussed it before. And I would love it if you were the one teaching it! I love your classes.

  10. I wouild love to see an advanced collection type class. Something for the advanced sugar artist, (maybe something to refine the skills I have) some lambeth, and anything new. I know new is hard to come by. Maybe something that you don’t normally see is a class or even a business oriented class to work on concepts. We all earn so much from sharing with other business owners.

    . 🙂 Love what you do. Keep up the good work.

  11. Hi Ruth. The classes I would like to take are Lambeth 301 and 401 with Kathleen Lange, flowers with Robert Haynes, Eddie Spence, if he teaches, and about anything you teach.

  12. I would love to take a topsy turvy cake class. I love the look of the cakes but trying to do it without truly knowing what I’m doing scares me.

  13. Ruth: I would love to take a class on painting cakes. Would also love to take one on floating collars. Thanks for doing these giveaways and for keeping your blogs so interesting!

  14. I don’t know that I lust to take a class, but if I took another class, I think it would be from Kathleen Lange because I love piping.

  15. I would love to take a class on the lambeth method or chinese string work or making ornate flowers out of royal icing!

    • Beautiful colors and so nice to have a dusting expert pick particular ones. It is sooooo hard to pick colors out. It is overwhelming.

      I want to take a Nirvana class with Mary Jo Dowling (or anyone else teaching it).

      • Well, if you are in Austin in Feb., I am teaching a two day Nirvana class after the “That Takes the Cake” show. I have been wanting to teach this again and they are supplying everything for the students!

  16. Wow! What beautiful colors. I am glad you picked out specific colors. It is overwhelmimg to know which colors to pick.

    I want to take a Nirvana class with Mary Jo Dowling (or anyone else teaching it).

  17. I’d love to take a class with Eddie Spence, Alan Dunn, or Paddi Clark. I have books by Spence and Dunn, but I learn so much better in person. I’ve admired Paddi’s work online. Maybe the NEC…….someday.

  18. I would like to take a class in chocolate. I would love to learn more blown sugar. And more piping. to be honest I would take every class I could if I had the time.

  19. Decisions, Decisions,Decisions. My choices would have to be Pulled sugar maybe with Richard Russkel(i know I probably spelled that wrong) or Peggy Tucker. Gumpaste Flowers with Nicholas Lodge or Ron Ben Isreal. Figure sculpting

  20. I would love to take a class on modeling chocolate figures, I have only been taking classes for a couple of years so everything is new to me.

  21. I would love to take a class with Mike McCarey, more specifically working with modeling chocolate. I do a ton of modeling, and use only gum paste. I’ve tried modeling chocolate, and I just can’t to get it to do what I want it to do. I feel like I’m missing the boat. I’ve heard many friends and peers talk about how wonderful it is, and even talked to Orlando Serano in Oklahoma at OSSAS. I’m still trying to figure out where I’m going wrong. I’d faint to take a flower class with Ron Ben. He’s my all time inspiration!!

  22. I would love to take a class from Kathleen Lange and learn the Lambeth method. I know it isn’t used much any more, but to me it’s so elegant and I’d love to learn how to do it. The other class I’d love to take would be a flower class with Ron Ben Israel. That, too, would be a class well worth taking. Love his flowers!

  23. I lust to take a class by Ron Ben Israel. A private class with all his secrets. From his cake flavours to the amazing ideas and implementation of those ideas. The man is kooky but amazing.

  24. I saw a class by someone in Texas. They made football helmets in one class and standing ice cream cones in another. I’d love to do both of those. I attempted a helmet once. It was horrible! Either of these would be a dream and I can think of several events/time periods for which I’d love to make them!

  25. I lust to take the class you were going to teach here in Dallas on Poinsettia’s and dusting them. I really enjoy your dusting classes. I learn something new each time and LOVE the cutters you have.

  26. I’d also love to take a class on pulled/blown sugar. Also, (I think) the Winbecklers do a class on different borders using basic piping tips that I think would be fun and useful.

  27. I lust for luster dusts and petal dusts. I love using them but I would love to take a class on gumpaste flowers. I love making flowers and would like to get better at it. I’ve only been working with gumpaste and fondant for about a year. I would like a class that is 4 or 5 days long and just learn to finase my flowers and work at it for 8 to 10 hours a day. Thank You for having these give-a-ways.

  28. I would lust a week long class on sugar flowers, flowers and more flowers!!! one of my favorite teachers is Nicholas Lodge. If I could take a class with just that, I think I would be in heaven! LOL

  29. There’s tons of class I would love to take..from the master course at Wilton and of course all the “side” classes to all the Nicholas Lodge…I have only been able to take one hands on.

  30. I would also love to take a class or classes on sugar flowers. I havn’t been able to go to one yet. I would also love to take a class on sculptures and the techniques on structures of sculpted pieces. Thank you so much for letting us put in our “2 cents” .

  31. Instead of a class, I would love to shadow or intern with certain cake decorators for a week in their shops to see the real in’s and out’s of how they work. It is amazing what you can learn by just watching what someone does in the natural course of creating something. It is often the little things people do without thinking that are the most helpful to learn. I love collaborating with other cake artists on projects. We each learn so much from one another and have fun too. Now if I could only take a class with Eddie Spencer. . .

  32. Ruth, I lust after one of YOUR classes. You seem so grounded and easy going-not overly fussy. Please come to Phoenix in the winter or Minneapolis in the summer!!

  33. I ” Lust” to attend the spherical wedding cake class from Sweet Southern Ladies, I keep missing it when they teach it. I really want to take any of your classes on making flowers with platinum paste, hopefully I can make when you teach in Dallas again.

  34. I’d love to take Rick Reichert’s “Discover Your Inner Artist” class. Or anything with him since he is one of my cake idols. But in the meantime, I am loving the new website “”. They have several good online cake classes that cost from $20 – 40 with great teachers like Colette Peters, Marina Sousa, Elisa Strauss, Lauren Kitchens. You can ask the teacher questions via email and you can view the class online forever once you pay for it. Very professionally done and detailed.

  35. I would be thrilled to take a class from Maggie Austin. Her work is amazing and so unique. Other artists I admire are Jaqueline Butler, Toba Garrett, Collete Peters, and Erin of Three Little Blackbirds. I would love to take a class on painting on fondant, and Erin is very talented at that. So is the owner of Nevie-Pie Cakes in the UK. I love taking classes!

  36. I would love to take a class that would teach the art of fondant flowers, as well as planting artistic themes on cakes. I’m relatively new to the cake world however, I would love to sit at the feet of Ruth R.,Buddy V., and a few others. To me cake design is another love language that when you take your time can express what the lips can’t say!

  37. I am in Oregon and getting excited for “Sweet Retreat” in Oct. of 2013….I “Lust ” to take a class from Susan Carberry…I took a class from you last time and really wished I taken your dusting class…oh well, next time!…

  38. I would love to take a class with anyone who teaches airbrushing!! All I have done with my airbrush has been to spray sheen on my cakes & nothing else. I want to learn airbrush techniques! It doesn’t matter who teaches it as long as they teach me! 🙂 Also I’d love to take a class with Kathleen Lange!!! Lambeth!! Love it!

  39. I’m with Mary Jo — I’d love to be a fly on the wall just observing and asking questions. Beyond that, I’d like a piping skills class! Not Lambeth — although that’s on the bucket list — but general “how to” for this drawer full of piping tips that I own. Since most of what I’ve done for years is fondant and gumpaste, I’m not even sure I could pipe a decent rose anymore! I want to be a well-rounded decorator (ok — I’m already round from all that sampling, but that’s another subject) and I have a number of tips that I’ve never used.

  40. Although I live in New York at have taken one or two of Toba Garrett’s classes I would lust to take her 5 day wedding cake class. I just love her and the when she teaches. I have some of your colors but would love to have this collection. Thank you so much.

  41. I just happen to be ‘lusting’ for your add on set of these luster dusts. I have your first collection and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! As we’re in the midst of my favorite holiday season, I love to add a touch of luster to all my cakes and decorated cookies! As for a class – I would love to do a tropical flower class – Bird of Paradise, Ginger and some great fill leaves – what a great way to show off the your dust’s vibrant color!

  42. I desperately want to take a LAmbeth class with Kathleen Lange! Or any class with Edna de la Cruz!!! 🙂 Thank you for your awesome blog!

  43. I am torn. I lust Lambeth with Kathleen because I know I could walk away with a new technique. I also lust any class with Karen Portaleo… Just so maybe some of her amazing talent would rub off on me… Just a tad? 🙂

  44. I would love to learn about making structured cakes, especially the ones that defy gravity! What a great collection of colors and a great giveaway!

  45. I am lusting to take one of your dusting classes!!!!!! Hope to see you in the spring!!!!!
    Thanks so your blogs and the giveaways! Merry Christmas!!

  46. Is there, somewhere, a side-by-side comparisons color chart for dusting powders between brands? For example, how close is your orange to GSA or CK’s oranges? I seem to have too many containers of the “same” color with wildly different names.

    Cake design has always fascinated me. I would find a series of classes focusing on this, but presented by various artists for the big picture, a very valuable and fun experience.

  47. I lust over Edna DeLa Cruz’s flower classes!! I would love to just sit next to her and have her guide my hands as she teaches me to make her beautiful life like flowers. She rocks my gumpaste world!!

  48. My dream class would of been the baby @ ICES this year in Reno…It got booked within minutes… 😦 The work on it was amazing and I think I could of used it over and over for baby showers…so, should I win this, I will learn to do this and use your dust on it…

  49. I lust to take ANY class, even if I have already taken it. You always pick something up the 2nd time you missed on the first time. I just plainly lust for any classes!

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