Day 9 of the 12 Days of Giveaways: Dusting Collection 2

Happy Thursday!   Welcome to the 9th day of 12 Days of Giveaways!!  I have loved the responses to the last couple of giveaways!  I promise that I read every single response and am compiling information for future blogs!  I have concentrated on informational posts instead of including tutorials so far.  There are a ton of blogs that walk you through tutorials on all kinds of cake decorating subjects, but several of you mentioned that you wished I would do tutorials here.  That will be the subject that you will have to discuss to enter my next giveaway.

This is a BIGGIE…at least to me!  I had been teaching dusting for a while and as we got to more advanced elements, it seemed like we needed more colors to achieve the realism I wanted.  As before, I worked with The Sugar Art ( to create this Kit. I bought a Pantone kit and went through my Beginning Dusting Kit to figure out what their Pantone number was.  Then, I looked at the same Pantone set to figure out what colors I needed that weren’t in my beginning set.  I sent the Pantone chart to The Sugar Art and the amazing Elzbieta Frys worked her magic to CUSTOM MIX these colors for me.  And when it was done, I had 28 brand new…not on the market colors that I even got to name!  This is my Dusting Collection 2 or my Supplemental Dusting Kit, whichever name I’ve called it around you.   I sell it on my web site ( for $85.  Lately, these dusts have been retailing for about $4 per jar, making this a $112 value.  This collection has, hands down, the most rocking pinks and purples I’ve seen anywhere!!

Here are the pretty colors in the set:

dusting collection 2 dusting collection 2 top

You cannot tell in the photo, but it has fuscia, hot pink, aqua, tiffany blue, and oh so much more.  I grab this set first for flowers now!

I am going to give one of these sets to one of my lucky readers.  Today, I want to know whether you want me to keep doing informational blogs or if you would like to see instructional tutorials, also.  If you want tutorials, what would you like to see first?

To enter today’s contest, comment on this post and tell me whether I should add tutorials or not.  If so, what do you want to see first? 

Terms & Conditions:

You must be 18 years or older to enter. Contest ends midnight (Eastern Standard Time)  12/20/12.  Winner will be chosen by SugarZen and contacted by email. Winner will have 48 hours to reply or a new winner will be chosen. Ruth Rickey will ship the prize to the winner within 30 days of contest end.  US recipients only residing in one of the 48 contiguous states.


75 thoughts on “Day 9 of the 12 Days of Giveaways: Dusting Collection 2

  1. I would say if you do include tutorials, make sure they still have the Ruth flavor to them! So, maybe a tutorial on cake contests and judging (expanding on the demo you did at ICES), a tutorial in how to prepare for the CMSA test, or a tutorial on positive advertising and such. I can look for a tutorial on how to cover a cake in fondant in a bunch of different places, but nobody covers the “other side” of cake decorating quite like you do!

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous colors and a must have! I think you should do tutorials because even though you travel the world sharing your talent not everyone is able to get to one of your classes and it would allow you to share with even more people.

  3. You should do tutorials! Never stop learning – that’s my motto!
    I would love a tutorial on pulled sugar!
    Really wanna learn that:)

  4. Love the post, the contest and above all, the new colors. Ever since I took your first class on coloring orchids, I’ve been hooked. I would love to see you do a tutorial – I’ve watched a couple that you did on CalJava and they were great. My preference would be a tutorial on the floating collar with the string work. Sometimes in a class its hard to keep up because of the varying pace of each student so it would be nice to follow at my own pace at home and still get the benefit of your experience and talent!

  5. I definitely think you should include tutorials on your blog! Personally, I’m always interested in seeing how different decorators and sugar artists approach different techniques; everyone always has their own little tips and tricks that work for them, and you may have some great advice that’s just what I need to make something click for me. Maybe start with basic “mini” tutorials or “tips and tricks” like how to insert floral wire into petals and leaves? Anything would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Tutorials are always helpful! I have learned many a technique via tutorials. I would love tutorials on working with chocolate, especially on how create chocolate flowers. I would also love tutorials on lambeth. I would love to learn how to do that correctly. Thanks so much again for all your generous give aways. You are amazing!

  7. Love your colors. The second or supplemental collection is the only one I don’t have and would love to add it to your other two. I think tutorials would be great or even classes on DVDs for sale on your website. I would love to see tutorials on poinsettias, stringwork and painting on sugar. You are really such a great teacher. Your classes are informative and great fun. I think they would be great on DVDs.

  8. Hi Ruth Thank you for your blog… I love reading all of the stories and find them very informative. I love your writing style and how you inject a sense of humour into all of your posts it makes me think about how I approach life and thats a good thing.
    I would love to see more of the stories and a tutorial or 10 on your fabulous dusting techniques with your fabulous new range of colours, any tutorial involving sugar flowers wouldnt go astray either ;-)..
    good colours are hard to access where I am in Australia and I have to rely on computer screen colours which arent always accurate so having them all in one place and colour matched is a fabulous idea … . keep up the awesome work…
    regards di

  9. A tutorial on bluebonnet flowers, please, please, please. If not that one on a Lotus flower, also please, please, please.

    The colors are amazing

  10. Multiple uses for tools. So many of the tools, molds, and cutters can be costly so it is great when you can find different ways to use them.

  11. Flowers! You touched on something in the dusting class you gave here in Houston, realism. In the colors, veining as well as petal placement and shape. I can’t tell you how many people notice the flower (name escapes me) we did that day and think it’s a live bloom. One small thing can throw off the illusion and I’d love to see more people show tutorials from start to finish with the end result being a higher level of authenticity than normal. Fantasy flowers have their place but flowers that make someone lean over to look/smell are what takes it to another level.

  12. I feel like there are a ton of tutorials out there on different subjects, and lots of forums for different cake decorators of all levels to converse, learn, exchange, grow, and share. I love reading your blog, especially from the teacher’s stand point. It’s refreshing, and one that is a different perspective. I think whether you offered tutorials depends on how you want to do it. Would it be on things you touch on in your class? Or something all together? There may be a fine line between luring people to sign up for more of your teachings, or detracting people from signing up. What I mean by that is, that I hope people don’t look at the tutorial online, and think that it replaces one of your classes, or that they would fill in the blanks if it were a teaser. I hope I make sense.

  13. Yes!! You should do tutorials. I took two dusting classes with you and I would love to learn more. Definitely start with one about layering color on flowers. You are an amazing teacher Ruth!

  14. Tutorials would be great, but I am thinking I might need to take a flower dusting class… John can have his fun, but I think the girls and I could be quite good at flower making. I think the blogs are great for those starting their own business and they have helped convince me that taking classes are important. Love any and all you provide.

  15. What a great collection of colors! I think tutorials would be great, anything on making and dusting flowers, as well as glazing, would be fantastic. Love tulips with leaves. Thanks!

  16. I would like to see tutorials, please. I know that there are many available on-line, but many of the people doing them don’t actually understand how to teach, and others will leave out important information. There are many people who don’t have access to classes who could also benefit from good on-line tutorials.

  17. i would definitely love to see tutorials. I am very new to making flowers and dusting so I would appreciate tutorials on techniques for beginners. Thanks Ruth!

  18. tutorials would be nice, but the fact that you are mentoring all of us is fabulous. So information, opinions, suggestions and random thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  19. I’d love to see tutorials on here. Especially with flowers. To see you utilize your dusts in making flowers more realistic would be fabulous to learn! To see all the little details that make a big difference in the way the flowers are finished would be so wonderful. But your blogs as currently written should also be continued. A combination of the two would make you one very, very, very popular blogger!!

  20. Though I love tutorials, so many people are doing them. You seem to be one of the few info blogs….I really, REALLY like them.

  21. I think informational blogs as well as instructional tutorials are great! You get some if both worlds. Information is good, but for some of us newer decorators we are always seeking instructions for things. Anything that is not in the Wilton material would be awesome. I do ok w/ fondant. Most of it is done how I think. It doesn’t always turn out the way I hope. So when I see a tutorial, it helps me to build on what I’ve tried to figure out on my own.

  22. All your colors are stunning! I REALLY enjoy your informational blogs. I have been so inspired by your words. I know your tutorials would be awesome and I am certain I will be a huge fan. But, I would hate for you to completely stop inspiring us with your wisdom! Maybe alternating would be a good option. Thank you for taking the time to share your cake love with all of us!

  23. I want, I want, I want and I need, I need, I need! Tutorials would be wonderful!!!! I have been working a lot with dusts in the past 6 months and would so much love to learn how to manipulate them for more realism. I love doing flowers and such in just a plain white or plain pastel color gumpaste and then going to town with the dusts. I almost bought these in Branson and I should have. Any instructional postings would be well used! Thank You.

  24. I would love to see some tutorials but I love all your insight on so many subjects! I would love some tutorials on people figures.
    Merry Christmas!

  25. I believe tutorials would be great from everything from the basics like covering cake with fondant to florals/figures and the layering tech. to give a realistic appearance to fondant work. There are so many who would benefit from any tutorial you could offer from the beginner to the veteran. Since I have become interested in cake design I noticed it is an ever and rapidly evolving craft.

  26. I must be the odd one out here. I really enjoy your blogs. I love how theya re down to earth, touch on business aspects and keep it real. I love hearing about yoru past experiences and how that has changed and shaped the way you work. BUT, I think you would also do a amazing job with tutorials. It would still definatly have the Ruth flair. Much appreciation for all you do.

  27. As much as I love your blogs I have to go with the tutorials. I would love to learn more on color dusting flowers. would also love to learn more on people/animal figures. Maybe you can do both lol. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely set of colors.

  28. Wow! I REALLY wish I had waited to pick out colors with help from an expert, rather than on my own. I just guessed at what I needed and I did not know about layering colors.

    I wish you would do tutorials on how to model cute baby animals.

    Thanks for asking for input.

  29. I love your blogs…but you are a wonderful teacher so I would have to go with tutorials. When you were in Louisiana you had me making flowers I never thought I could do. PS I love all the colors too.

  30. The color set is gorgeous. I’d love to see you do tutorials. Maybe the use of an “old” style skill, like crimping, used in a new and innovative way?

  31. tutorials would be AWESOME !!! You could start with the molding chocolate figures, cause I must of forgot how we did it in class, I can not get them to work…

  32. I’d love a tutorial on the very thing you’re talking about here: coloring. Maybe this can only be achieved in a class; I hope not. I believe that –once we’re able to make lifelike gumpaste petals, etc. — it’s the use of color and application methods that separate the average from the outstanding. I want to be outstanding!

  33. Ruth, your informational blogs are priceless and inspiring and I love reading them. They give me the courage to keep going. Love those colors

  34. I love the informational blog like you do already. Your always so thought provoking. Tutorials are always a bonus! As for first tutorial what about the most popular flower you receive orders for.

  35. I would love to see some tutorials! Things that are actually pretty easy but look like they took alot of time & effort are what I’m interested in. Also would like to see some quick, easy isomalt tutorials! Thanks!

  36. I definitely would like to continue seeing the informational blogs because you say things that need to be said, but tutorials (added) would be great, as well. As to “course content”, one of the hardest things I have found to do is paint a realistic face on a modeled figure so that it doesn’t look like a deer in the headlights!

  37. I’m in such color envy right now! I love, love, love the shades!

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of quickie tutorials…but I prefer your blogs on real life stuff. I was thinking that a series of “What would you do if XYZ happened?” Things like: a cake delivery mishap with unhappy cliets…or the client comes for pick up and it’s not ‘exactly’ what she pictured….or there’s a mistake/misspelling….how to fire a customer….things like that!

  38. I really like your informational blog posts and alsways learn something from them. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see some flower tutorials, though!

  39. I always enjoy your blog posts; in fact I have even printed some of them for future reference, such as the ones that dealt with things to keep in mind when entering a competition. Tutorials would also be great! I love good tutorials, and since I have taken a class from you, I know they would be excellent. I am wanting to learn to make gumpaste flowers; the class I took from you at Cake Camp was about tulips. How about a tutorial on peonies? Thank you for your blog posts and for these giveaways!

  40. The information posts are good because most sites that do tutorials don’t give a lot of other information (at least not as informative as you). However, I would not turn down an opportunity to see a tutorial from you. I love all the colors in your sets and I think it would be interesting to see the different ways you have used them or mixed them. Flowers are pretty standard but have you found other, possibly less common ways, to use those beautiful colors to get great affects?

  41. Oh yes please. Tutorials would be wonderful. I would watch every single one of your tutorials no matter what it was on, but I would really love to have one on flowers.

  42. Hmm that’s a tough question Ruth! I think I would maybe do abbreviated tutorials.. the reason: If you would like to keep being a traveling teacher I wouldn’t want you to give all your tips away in a tutorial. I’d just give a few tutorials of what you can offer in your classes~ Just my 2 cents. You know me, I keep it real! I LOVE THESE COLORS TOO!!!

  43. I always love flower tutorials. I don’t make many, due to time constraints, but sometimes I need to make them because I can’t find them to purchase or I only need a few!

  44. I would like for you to continue the informational blog. Its reassuring that I’m not the only person dealing with some of the topics you discuss. You are a wealth of information and I am very grateful that you share it with us! Merry Christmas Ruth!!
    PS – love the dusting set and would really love to win it!

  45. Love you posts, and want to try and make arrangements to take your classes in January. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  46. I love your dusting powder collections! And love love love your blog! You are such an incredible teacher in person, but I feel like tutorials would be a “back-up plan” for those who are not fortunate to experience your classes in person. So a tutorial every now and then, yes. But I prefer your informational blog over tutorials. Looking forward to seeing you back in FL next summer!

  47. This post was quite interesting because you wrote about the creation of this Kit. Perhaps a valuable tutorial would be ways/projects to apply the very colors in this Kit. (Rules of Thumb for Dusting Powders) I have always been layering-challenged!

    I’m one of those people Nancy Williams (63.) notes as being unfortunate enough not to be able to experience classes in person, so well-done tutorials (yours…) are very important to me. I’m sure more often than “every now and then” and certainly not as “back-up plans” would be an option you’ll consider. One format can strengthen the value and clarity of the other and you are a master at the balancing act.

  48. I vote for tutorials! I enjoy the informational blog but would love to learn the gentle nuances of shading flowers and leaves…leaving white space on edges or centers and how to do verigated coloring. Also using disco dust to highlight and add sparkle would be a great thing to learn.

  49. I’d love to see you do tutorials as well! I think my first thing would be tips putting flowers together to make pretty arrangements. I know this isn’t easily taught in a classroom setting but something I think many people struggle with.

  50. I would like to see a painting tutorial that uses these fabulous colors. I am a sucker for new colors and these are spectacular!
    Sweet Oughts,

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