Day 10 of the 12 Days of Giveaways: Gold Metallic Dusting Powder

Hi friends.  This is an incredibly hard day to post a giveaway.  I don’t want to skip it, but my heart is deeply saddened by the tragedy in Connecticut this morning.  I firmly believe that we are spending too much time looking within and not enough looking without.  We have to be better neighbors and practice Random Acts of Kindness (did you read my Christmas Crazies post today?).  We have to find a way to let go of the trivial and to focus on all the great things we have.  So, for the 10th day of giveaways, it is going to be about Gold.

The Golden Rule tells us to do unto others as we would like for them to do unto us.  In recognition of the Golden rule, I am going to give away my Gold Metallic Dusting Powder.  This powder is made in Italy and is considered “inedible” there.  In America, we would use the words “non toxic”.  I use this on pieces that will be removed from the cake before it is served.  It is hands down the most gorgeous gold I’ve ever worked with.  I’ve been teaching with this for a while and my students all fall in love with it.  It is great dry dusted on, but becomes truly amazing if mixed with alcohol or lemon extract to create a gold “paint”.  I can list many decorators who are huge, huge fans of this powder.

I sell the dust on my web site at  I normally sell out everytime I take it to a Day of Sharing or other cake event.  Here is the container:

gold accent dust

So, does it really make a great gold?  Here are some items I’ve created with the gold.

bling bows fantasy flowers

I am going to give one of these to one of my lucky readers.

To enter today’s contest, comment on this post and tell me what was the most Golden (best) piece of advice you’ve received as a decorator?

Terms & Conditions:

You must be 18 years or older to enter. Contest ends midnight (Eastern Standard Time)  12/21/12.  Winner will be chosen by SugarZen and contacted by email. Winner will have 48 hours to reply or a new winner will be chosen. Ruth Rickey will ship the prize to the winner within 30 days of contest end.  US recipients only residing in one of the 48 contiguous states.


49 thoughts on “Day 10 of the 12 Days of Giveaways: Gold Metallic Dusting Powder

  1. I agree that it is a horrific tragedy and can’t wait to get home to my son and never let go of him. Its been so hard being so busy and we forget about what’s truly important in life. I usually try can convince my students that cake decorating should not be stressful but relaxing. I usually tell them to remember a mistake in cake decorating doesn’t happen because you can easily eat the evidence! Everyone usually laughs and afterwards they are happy with what they are doing.

  2. Love your connection between the gold powder and the Golden Rule – so apt for today’s tragedy. The best advice I’ve received is to make your cake your own; no matter where the ideas or inspiration come from, at the end of the day the cake should reflect the decorator’s own creativity, essence and spirit.

  3. I have been glued to the television all afternoonwatching the tragedy, and I just keep asking WHY? Not only are we at a fiscal cliff, I’m afraid we’re at an emotional cliff for too many. You’re absolutely right – with television and personal phones pulling us “away” from each other today so that we’re becoming less involved with those around us, many people just aren’t able to handle it. I just can’t imagine the heartache of the parents of those small children. It physically hurts my heart, for those children never had a chance at a real life at this point.

    As for the best advice I’ve ever received, it was from Mercedes Strachwsky, who said, “Always look at things twice – look outside the box for new tools (as long as they’re are food-safe.)” I have found many new uses for items as I’m shopping that I can use with my cakes.

    That gold would be a beautiful addition to my dusting powders. I have your first kit and your lustre dust collection, but would love to add the second set or the gold! :o)

  4. A very wise deocrator, teacher, cake competition judge and world traveler who lights up radar when she is off on another adventure once told me after taking one of her classes “you have the skill and the knowledge you just need to PRACTICE.” I will add that another decorator’s advise was squeeze and breathe.

  5. My heart goes out to all affected by this tragedy–so many will be affected for a long time to come.
    Best advise–take pictures even if you don’t like how the cake turned out. After a coupke of days you’ll forget the flaws and realize how beautiful your creation really is..

  6. I agree with how horrible the news is. Praying for all families. One of the hints that I was given which now seems like common sense but it didn’t dawn on me at first. If stuck with a design idea…walk away from the cake for a bit and look at it with a fresh eye. I also learned that if I did something incorrect or it didn’t come out perfect…to NOT tell everyone…For me, every cake is a learning experience.

  7. Beautiful coloring on the jewelry. The gold looks so real!
    Best advice from a cake deco instructor at the beginning of class “No drama here; it is just sugar”.

  8. No matter what you may think of the cake you just did, good or not so good, if you have given it your all and put your heart into it, then that’s what matters in the end, doing the best you could do.

  9. ooh love how that gold looks! Best advice “Don’t be so hard on yourself, most people do not see the flaws you THINK you see” and my most favorite from my then 5 year old son “even if you don’t think the flowers look good – they taste great” This advice is why he does not like icing now – he ate so many of my practice buttercream roses when he was little 🙂
    Prayers to the families, first responders and the community in CT.

  10. The gold metallic dusting powder is just stunning. The best piece of advice I every received was to just always have fun and not be so hard on yourself. After the mistakes you see the people that you are making the cake for most likely won’t even see them.

  11. The golden advice I received was not to be afraid to take a chance and challenge my decorating skills. Not to be be overly critical (looking for perfection), remember it IS sugar!

  12. The most “golden” advice I ever got from a decorating instructor was practice, practice, practice! Being left handed as well, she showed me how to adjust tools, etc., to accommodate my “difference”. It has helped a great deal!

  13. “It needs to taste as good as it looks.” I love the decorating, but I hate the baking–and because of that I work doubly hard to be sure that the cake tastes good. I ALWAYS ask for feedback, with emphasis on whether or not the taste & texture met the client’s expectations–heck, I KNOW if it looked good!

  14. Had to think about that one a bit. I think the best advice I’ve gotten is to compete with myself — focusing on stretching my skills rather than focusing on the skills of others–when doing competition cakes. This is probably closely followed by “cover it up with a flower”! 😉

  15. My best advise about my cakes was to donate to a foster child…our club asks for cakes for a childs birthday…They are beyond happy to recieve these cakes for their past lives were not good in order to be where they are today…so I donate some of my class cakes thinking this is a okay cake–and I find out that the child I donated to has just turned 18 and was taking classes in cooking and has decided to make her major in cakes after receiving my cake…this child looked for me at the cake show we had and let me know how extremely happy she was to receive and what she was doing with her life…It has skilled me to advise others of my luckyness to meet and see what I can give to a child that doesn’t have their family around for their birthday…
    Would love to try your dust!!!

  16. When using metalics to paint, use grain alcohol or lemon juice, because vodka makes streaks. Any left over, do not throw away, put container in a zip lock bag and hydrate with more grain alcohol or lemon extract

  17. You will always have warm up flowers – the first couple aren’t perfect and you just need to get your mojo on. Especially true when its been a while since you’ve done them.

  18. that the general public can’t tell if you spent hours laboring on something or cheated a little with something purchased….I used to make all my buttercream from scratch…now I used purchased on some of the lower priced cakes…it is less stress on me, and everybody still thinks they are great!

  19. What a great question, Ruth! I have received several pieces of golden advise, but the one I always go back to is to step at least 3 feet away from your work before judging. It always looks better than I thought from just a bit of distance!

  20. My heart and prayers goes out to the victims family. Best advice I received was to do a scketch of the cake before decorating it will save you time and effort.

  21. The 1999 Columbine High School massacre in Littleton, CO was too close to me and mine, so the Connecticut tragedy, although miles distant, brought on the same feelings of senselessness and anger. Random Acts of Kindness are “gold” and can serve in the healing process for some. So, all things gold count, alot: gold ribbons around little teddy bears, gold angels, gold heart drawings from little kids down the street, gold… and gold dusting powder. What a lovely gift of gold, Ruth, for someone in our community of sugar folks.

  22. Ah, forgot to share the best advice I’ve ever gotten. (Only one?) The most apropos for me is to limit my continuing desire to make a good finished project bigger, better, bling-bling-ee-er(?) or unique. It will never be good enough – for me. So, relax, already!

  23. This golden advice was not given to me personally, but I believe it was Bronwyn who said, “There is no crying in cake!” LOL I think of that everytime I feel the tears well up in my eyes over, what I perceive as a cake disaster…. I WANT THE MIDAS TOUCH! You were sold out at the show in Southern Louisiana… If I don’t win, I will be buying it after the holidays.

  24. I was told early on in my career to set my “friends and family” line and stick to it…people will always try to take advantage of you if you let them. My other ‘gem’ came from you – essentially, use luster ans shimmer as an accent, not the focal point. You can easy go from “oh my gosh” to “gosh-awful tacky”!!

  25. I think that the most helpful piece of “golden” advice I have ever received was to stick with it. Practice your intended craft and become the best you can. I have “borrowed” some of your gold dust from a friend and it is so very wonderful. “Pray for the families”!

  26. My heart was absolutely broken when I heard of what had happened. I cannot believe something like this can happen. Praying for the families and friends of the ones that were affected by the tragedy.
    In regards to golden advice… “Keep going in the direction you are going…. keep expanding your decorating skills. Never be afraid to try something, even if it looks impossible”. Love that piece of advice, as it has helped me to keep going forward.
    I love anything gold or blingy. Your gold dust is amazing! Thanks again for all your wonderful blessing that you are making available to us via all your amazing give aways. Love ya!

  27. I am reposting another post…I watch so little tv for I have very little time being a hairdresser and doing cakes…I have always kept my life busy even before cakes and when the new comes out about something bad I seem to find out about it when I client says something about it or as of now when I posted on here the other nite for the free dust, I did not know what had happen except I knew it must be bad from seeing your sarrow…then I went to work and a client filled me in…I feel for the families and more so at this time of year. Their is no Christmas for them or in the many years to come…If you have issues-take it out on your self only if you can not seek help for yourself…not on others in any way shape or form…you not only affect your family but all of us…you do not make a statement to the rest of us…just hurt….I am sorry if I am on a soap box here, but I did not have a comment the other nite when asking to enter into the dust for I did not know what had happen…

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