The Invisible Win

My brother used to do Century rides. For those who don’t know what that is, he would ride 100 miles on his road bike with groups of other like minded folks at events like Hotter Than Hell. One day he had finished a ride and was meeting his girlfriend’s family for the first time. Phoebe’s brother, Carey, started questioning Robb. “Did you win?” “No” said Robb. “How much money do you get for riding that far?” Robb explained that he, in fact, paid money to do the ride. Carey sat and tried to process why my brother would ride that far, for that long, with no hope of winning, and would pay to do that.

By now, people who do endurance events are laughing. We get it. Others just don’t. I realized that the reasons I do endurance events, the reason my brother rode Century rides, is identical to why I enter cake shows. I do it for myself. I do it for the journey…working on each cake teaches me a bit about myself, about my skills and about my vision for cakes today.

When I tell people not to worry about winning, to just enter, someone always says “why should I go through the time and expense if I won’t win?” Maybe they shouldn’t. Maybe they are like the runner who won’t do the marathon if they think they won’t win. I don’t know. I believe that each race, like each cake show, makes us better. So, why do I ride? Why do I run? Why do I enter cake shows?

Very often there are skills you want to try, but no one will pay you to practice those. Designing a show cake around them lets you practice. Sometimes you have a cake that you are just dying to make. Making it a show cake lets you fulfill that dream. Sometimes you just want to prove to yourself that you can put together a clean, attractive cake. Cake shows let you prove that. Sometimes you want an honest assessment of where you are as a decorator. Cake shows give you that. Sometimes you just want to be able to say that you compete – show the world that you are brave enough to put yourself out there. You become a winner, just by entering.

I may have many regrets in my life, but I have never regretted entering a cake into a show. And I have never regretted showing up on race day. Life, for me, begins just outside your comfort zone. I choose to live fully. I hope that some of you will take that next step and sign up for the National Capital Area Cake Show, the North Texas Cake Show, the MS Challenge in Florida, the Kentucky cake show, the Tennessee Cake Show or the Icing on the Cake Competition in Louisiana. Run the race, not to win, but to prove to yourself that you can. Claim your invisible win. Just do it!



One thought on “The Invisible Win

  1. Reading all you post for a little less than a year–Last year I attended the San Diego cake show-with no cake or any items….This year after reading your posts and knowing it was not that far for me to bring something from San Fransico area I entered the show…I entered 4 items and placed with three of them…I entered a wedding cake, placed, but most important was so suprised to see how great it was when I was done with it and was able to see my faults and got advice on the coments that were given to me by exsperts…I was shocked to see I placed for I only had been doing cakes for a few years…
    So I agree with you-enter to see what you can do, and how to improve and if you should place, enjoy it and learn.

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