One in the Hand, Two in the Bush

Parables often have an incredible amount of truth in them. The one above came to mind when I met with a friend about her future. She wanted to pursue being on TV shows and she wanted to travel and teach.

I told her she had to pick one and focus on it first. The goals weren’t mutually exclusive, but to break into either competitive world, she was going to have to focus on the one she wanted the most. I’m sure my words initially hit her hard.

“If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.” ~ Anonymous

She went after TV first. And because she placed her focus there, she found success and was cast in various specials. She began to make appearances around the country. She worked extra hard on competition entries, and won more than ever before.

And you know what? Now she is getting asked to teach more and more. It has taken a couple years. But it has happened. I don’t want any of you to get discouraged if things don’t happen over night. That just isn’t the way the world works for most of us.

“You CAN have it all. You just can’t have it all at once.”
Oprah Winfrey

If Oprah Winfrey feels that way, you know it has to be true. I’ve been good about planning and often give myself 5-10 years for my major goals. I’ve had great successes and hope to have more, but everything has come at the right time.

Are you chasing two goals at the same time? Are you giving half effort in two places and never quite getting what you want in life? Pick one. Just one. And let’s make that dream come true!



2 thoughts on “One in the Hand, Two in the Bush

  1. Excellent advice! I’m going to choose one, focus and work very hard and hopefully I will be successful! (I’m a half full kind of girl 😉 )

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