Say When….

Each weekend, I read posts from overworked decorators. They cannot finish their orders in a normal work day and end up going without sleep for a day or two. Sometimes, it is because they have CHAOS.

CHAOS is normally defined as Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. The house is a wreck and you would always rather meet anywhere but your place. In the cake world, I’ve decided it means Can’t Handle Another Order Syndrome.

When I first opened my bakery, I never cut off orders. I worked a record 42 hours straight to make sure I filled all the orders. After I nearly face planted into the open oven when I started to fall asleep, it finally hit me that I had to set some boundaries.

For months I always said yes. One day, with a huge arm twist from my manager/sister-in-law, I said No. I nearly threw up after I hung up from my first disappointed customer. But I survived.

I set rules for my shop. I started letting customers “save a spot” for a cake. Much like a reservation, they just held a place on my calendar. And they followed my rules. The shop started running more smoothly.

You might not be working in the volume that I was, but you still need to be realistic on what you can handle without burning out. We lose too many talented decorators simply because they work the fun out of the job.

And don’t be fooled. As much as you love making cakes, it is still a job. For once, I want you to embrace a little CHAOS and say No. Your bed misses you. IMG_8891.PNG


3 thoughts on “Say When….

  1. So very very true,we have a max of only 3 cakes a week, and have offered a ‘reserved space’ ever since we had to do 8 cakes one week. Between the retail side of the shop and training classes etc something had to give and we were not going to let standards slip.
    Evan and Dimity Iced Affair, Sydney

  2. Thank you for letting me know that it’s “Okay” to turn down cake orders. that was one of the hardest things I ever did at my shop. I thought “I must be crazy” to turn down orders, but when I was there working on cakes until midnight each weekend, I set some limits. it was HARD! but I’m glad I did. susan

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