The Last Minute

What is it about a deadline that makes us focus? Why do we become our most create five minutes before something is due? I read this quote and it got me thinking:

To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.
(Leonard Bernstein)

Procrastination without planning usually is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t know how to create an internal structure and you start the cake at the last minute, the bookies in Vegas will lay odds that your cake is going to collapse.

I’m sure I look like a procrastinator to folks a lot of the time. On the last day, I turn in my class applications to teaching events. However, if you could get access to my cell phone, you would see the lists of class ideas I have there. I’ve often been designing in my head as I drive across the country to get to my next teaching location. I probably have more “in process” new class parts laying around my house than anyone except Norm Davis.

I’m hoping that if you are a “Last Minute Lucy (or Linus)” that you are building a plan in your head as you watch that TV show. I hope you are watching tutorials as you kill time. The plan is often where you spend the most time.

I wish you greatness in those last few minutes of your work day.



5 thoughts on “The Last Minute

  1. Amen! Some of my best work has been completed just in the nick of time. But not because I just put it off- I have been planning and thinking out every little step in the back of my mind until it feels right and complete. Even envisioning what could go wrong and having a Plan B if necessary. Then I can execute it confidently because it’s already been done in my mind’s eye. I’m an incubator. 😉

  2. This fits right up my alley – my employees are always saying “Debra you know you have a cake on your board right?” and my reply is yes!! I have spent hours in my head working out my game plan A and a plan B – My cake is always created and done right on time !!! but not without a little adrenaline rush!!!

  3. Reminds me of me sometimes!! 🙂 I remember one time saying I wasn’t going to enter a cake show as I really did not have the time. Well, on Wednesday before Saturday of the upcoming show, I decided I just couldn’t stand it so I got busy and created a wedding cake. I took first place! Whether by luck or good work, it got done on time and I was happy with it. There have been other times though in my sugar life that I got done by the seat of my pants or sometimes I’ve had a customer show up ahead of the time scheduled and they’d have to wait or come back because I was running behind. I tend to take on too much or I did in my “cake days”.

  4. Oh how I can relate. 2 am sessions, Finishing cakes in the hotel room….
    While I work well under pressure, I have found with decorating that I have to plan better. I got used to last minute success while teaching. I could put things together at the last minute and be fine.
    With decorating, I can’t do that. There are too many things that can go wrong that take hours to repair. A typo could be repaired in a second. Putting new fondant on or making 10 new flowers takes time.
    The more skill I get, the more I realize how much time I need.

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