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Rubbing Salt in a Wound

The things you see on the internet these days!  It is certainly true that social media has changed our world. People say and do things now that would have been unheard of just a decade ago. 

The other day, a friend had someone copy her paid tutorial. The copy was by a much lesser known artist. Once she found out about it, she contacted YouTube to get the copy taken down. This has happened to several of my friends who offer online schools or paid tutorials. It is a difficult and time consuming process to try to stop these idea thieves. 

The real kicker came when folks who paid for my friend’s tutorial then demanded a refund because it was out on the Internet for free. Talk about adding insult to injury!  What the actual hell??

If I buy a Coke, but someone steals the recipe and posts it online, in what scenario am I entitled to a refund on my Coke??  These purchasers clearly agreed to the price of the tutorial, paid it, watched it, and then months later tried to get it for free?? I’m sorry, but that isn’t how the world works, nor should it be. 

And why on earth do you want to be THAT person?  The one who tried to weasel out of an obligation once something “better” comes along?  Do you do this in all your relationships? 

I was so shocked at this behavior that I felt I needed to stand up and say “STOP”. Stop being a dick. Stop being mean to someone who is already struggling. Stop being ungrateful for what you receive. 

And stop redoing other people’s tutorials just to try to get fame. It isn’t cool.


The Twiddle Tutorial

People have been begging me to make a video of “How to Twiddle”.  It is finally here!  I hope this method helps you make gumpaste flowers.  It was developed by Lin Cook from England.  She is in the ICES Hall of Fame and I think this is a BIG reason why!  She changed flowers for me forever!!

I use Choco Pan gumpaste in the video (www.choco-pan.com)  but it works great with any recipe of gumpaste.  It was originally designed to by used with Platinum Paste gumpaste (www.avenuessweetchoices.com in the US).


Look for more tutorials in the future!

Oh!  The veiners and tools I use are available at http://www.SugarGypsy.com.  fondant mat