About Ruth & Sugar Zen

Ruth Rickey is a Certified Master Sugar Artist who travels the world teaching, demonstrating and judging cake competitions. Ruth ran an upscale grocery store bakery for 5 years and was named the Top Bakery Manager in the world for IGAs in 1999 (3200 stores in 31 countries). Ruth then opened Ruth’s Sweete Justice Bakery in Oklahoma City, OK.

The bakery quickly became the hottest shop in OKC and expanded to 4000 square feet and 16 employees, creating thousands of cakes, cookies and wedding cakes over the next 11 and a half years. Ruth was honored to do cakes for many celebrities and athletes with Oklahoma ties during the bakery’s tenure. At the end of 2011, Ruth closed the bakery to allow her to focus more on her teaching dream. You can see Ruth’s schedule at www.RuthRickey.com.

Several people over the last few months have called Ruth their sugar therapist, their mentor and their advisor. Ruth decided to start a blog to help others seeking advice about working in this crazy, sweet industry. Look for information in the months ahead on how to demo, how to teach, advice on seeking ICES Certification, advice on running a storefront bakery and so much more.


7 thoughts on “About Ruth & Sugar Zen

  1. Great to see you blogging, Ruth! I look forward to reading what you have to say. Hope to see you again in the sugar world sometime soon when I resurface!

  2. So excited about your new blog. I look forward to gleaning from your sugar wisdom and experiences. What an exciting turn your life has taken over the past years. I’m so thankful to be able to continue being a part of it.

  3. Hello Ruth, We are having our 2nd Festival Of Cakes in Traverse City Michigan Nov.4 th 2012.A fund raiser put on by the Quota International T.C. Mi. club. I’m helping out this year and I am open to any ideas , input to help it run without problems . I enjoyed what you had to say about the yelling @ the judges . They are people too. Thank You

    • Hi Ruth Ann
      I’m in southern detroit, can you let me know any info on the festival of cakes, that sounds like a nice little trip. Is it open to the public.
      Thank You

  4. Hi Ruth,
    I’m so excited to read your blog every week. You give great advice and things to think about. I meet you a couple years ago in virgina you did the five o’clock somewhere cake. You where so nice and helpful, thank you

  5. Ruth, you definitely have the Earlene Factor. It’s something we strive for in both our cake decorating store and supplies store. We work hard to help people get to the next step. I’d venture to say many people get to the Earlene Factor, by learning the Ruth Factor. 🙂
    Thanks for the great messages!

  6. Hi Ruth, I happened to stumble onto your website at just the right time:)! I am truly focusing on my business and not getting side tracked. Reading about you and your lifes experiences was nothing short of amazing. You are an incredible person with a gigantic spirit and heart. I have to agree with your outlook on life (on business and charity)….as far as I am concerned it is the only way to be as well! Congratulations on all you victories personal and professional. Thanks for sharing :)!
    Have a great day!

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