Rubbing Salt in a Wound

The things you see on the internet these days!  It is certainly true that social media has changed our world. People say and do things now that would have been unheard of just a decade ago. 

The other day, a friend had someone copy her paid tutorial. The copy was by a much lesser known artist. Once she found out about it, she contacted YouTube to get the copy taken down. This has happened to several of my friends who offer online schools or paid tutorials. It is a difficult and time consuming process to try to stop these idea thieves. 

The real kicker came when folks who paid for my friend’s tutorial then demanded a refund because it was out on the Internet for free. Talk about adding insult to injury!  What the actual hell??

If I buy a Coke, but someone steals the recipe and posts it online, in what scenario am I entitled to a refund on my Coke??  These purchasers clearly agreed to the price of the tutorial, paid it, watched it, and then months later tried to get it for free?? I’m sorry, but that isn’t how the world works, nor should it be. 

And why on earth do you want to be THAT person?  The one who tried to weasel out of an obligation once something “better” comes along?  Do you do this in all your relationships? 

I was so shocked at this behavior that I felt I needed to stand up and say “STOP”. Stop being a dick. Stop being mean to someone who is already struggling. Stop being ungrateful for what you receive. 

And stop redoing other people’s tutorials just to try to get fame. It isn’t cool.

5 thoughts on “Rubbing Salt in a Wound

  1. I understand that this is a real issue and the act of copying it is wrong however, I would like to point out that sometimes that instructor can take it a bit too far in the effort of protecting that info.

    Case in point….. without naming names ….. I saw a friend do a demo for a small group, mention the name of the instructor as a great reference and that she did have a paid tutorial available to purchase (which she did purchase for about 12.00) AND the fact that there are numerous free stuff on you tube for this technique……. only to have a friend of a friend send word about the demo to that instructor. The demo did not include any printed info being passed out. This instructor is well known. She pestered the heck out of that person and threatened a law suit and the situation went on for a month!. It left us all with a bitter taste for this instructor and ended with a cease and desist because there was no grounds for her wanting to press charges.

    So yes, protect your info but not without proof upfront of an infraction from hearsay.

  2. Ruth, It is truly sad that cheating and stealing has entered the cake world. This is what our society has accepted as okay? If i purchase something, I have a right to enjoy it, even if it is given away later, I have already contracted and bought the item. Good for you to stand u0 for what is right.

  3. People have gotten used to the way the world conducts business these days. They honor other businesses coupons… they offer a refund + 10% if you find their product cheaper within 30 days, etc etc. So when customers found the tutorial for free they naturally asked for a refund from the original producer. It is the way of doing business these days. Is it right or honorable?? No. But is it customary? Yes. I believe both parties in this argument have a valid point. But most of all DON’T BE A DICK!

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